Other Minors

Engineering students have considerable flexibility in electing courses from other colleges through their Intellectual Breadth courses and general electives. In the interest of helping students make coherent choices in selecting these courses, we allow and encourage our students to pursue minors offered in LSA, Art & Design and the School of Social Work.

Minors also serve as recognition, via a transcript notation, of the completion of these more in-depth course sequences. Electing to earn an academic minor is optional and there is no limit on the number of academic minors a student may elect.

In practice, a student will meet with an advisor in the minor discipline and together map out the minor courses. The certification that the appropriate courses have been completed will be communicated from the offering department to a student’s undergraduate program advisor in CoE as well as the College of Engineering Student Records Office. The student will be responsible for making sure this paperwork arrives at the appropriate offices.

Minors Approved by the College of Engineering

The list below shows the minors approved for students in the College of Engineering.

Minors Offered Through LSA (list subject to change)

Policies and Procedures for Declaring and Completing LSA Academic Minors

The following describes the policies and procedures to be followed for declaring and completing LSA minors:

  1. Each B.S.E. student who wishes to complete an approved academic minor must develop a plan for the minor in consultation with the designated LSA advisor, who must also approve it. The faculty and staff advisors in the LSA units will advise Engineering students on course selection and complete the minor declaration form and confirm completion of the minor. No prior approval is required from an Engineering advisor.
  2. Students may not elect two academic minors offered by the same department or program.
  3. The minor declaration form must be received by the College of Engineering Student Records Office. Upon receipt of the declaration form, the staff member will enter the minor in the M-Pathways database. The form will be available through all Engineering academic departments, the Engineering Advising Center and all relevant LSA departments.
  4. Student Transcripts:
    • The unofficial transcript for an Engineering student who has declared a minor will show the minor in the program action history section.
    • The Official Transcript issued by the Registrar’s Office will show the minor at the beginning of the transcript when the student has completed the degree.
  5. Minors cannot be completed and added to the transcript after a student has graduated.

More information on LSA minors can be found in the LSA Bulletin.

Minor in Computer Science

A Minor in Computer Science (CS), offered through LSA and administered by the EECS Department, is open to undergraduate students. Students wishing to pursue this minor should meet with a faculty advisor for the LSA Computer Science major.

Students must satisfy two prerequisites before declaring the minor:

MATH 115, and one of the following programming courses: EECS 183 or ENGR 101, or their equivalent. Students must also be currently enrolled in and pursuing one of the minor Core Courses to be eligible to declare.

Requirements for the Minor (16 credits total):

  • Three Core Courses (4 credits each; must complete all three):
    • EECS 203: Discrete Mathematics
    • EECS 280: Programming and Introductory Data Structures
    • EECS 281: Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Elective Course: One 4-credit elective selected from EECS 388, 482, 483, 485, 487, 490, 492, or 493.

Note: EECS 281 has both EECS 203 and 280 as prerequisites. All of the electives have EECS 281 as a prerequisite. Thus, completing the minor requires a minimum of three academic terms.   Grades of C or better must be achieved in all courses taken to satisfy Computer Science requirements.

Minor in Art & Design

Undergraduate engineering students can complete an academic Minor in Art & Design in consultation with an advisor in the Stamps School of Art & Design. Appointments may be scheduled by visiting or calling the Smucker-Wagstaff Academic Programs Center, Art & Architecture Building, room 2038, or (734) 764-0397. The requirements for the minor are maintained by the School.

Students must secure written approval from their home school/college to pursue an A&D minor and must develop a plan for the minor in consultation with an A&D advisor.

Minors in Other Schools/Colleges

Non-CoE Minor Release

For non-College of Engineering minors/supplemental studies, including LSA, many schools and colleges around campus use the LSA Advising System to process their minor/supplemental studies program declarations and to create the corresponding releases. The deadline for the receipt of the LSA Advising System Minor/Supplemental Studies Release is no later than the last day of classes in the graduation term.

Please do not wait until the last minute to contact the appropriate non-College of Engineering program advisor to ask for a release because some require appointments. Failure to submit a release prior to the deadline will result in removal of the minor/supplemental studies during the graduation clearance process. Incomplete minors/supplemental studies cannot be finished after graduation.