Engineering Education Research Courses

*For more information regarding course equivalencies please refer to the Course Equivalency section, under “How to Read a Course Description“, in the CoE Bulletin Website:

EER 601. Foundation of Engineering Education Research
Prerequisite: None. (3 credits)
Introduction to the field of engineering education research (EER); the conduct of educational research and its application to engineering education; current literature to the use of theoretical and conceptual frameworks to guide EER; and professional development opportunities in EER. CourseProfile (ART)

EER 602. Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks in Engineering Education Research
Prerequisite: EER 601. (3 credits)
In-depth examination of theories from education, psychology, and other disciplines that are relevant to EER with a focus on how the theories apply to EER, how they can guide research, and how they advance knowledge and practice. CourseProfile (ART)

EER 603. Research Design in Engineering Education Research
Prerequisite: EER 601. (3 credits)
Study of assessment, evaluation, and research in engineering education; overview of research design approaches in quantitative, and mixed methods research (e.g., sampling, experimental and quasi-experimental designs, inductive analysis approaches), instrument development, measurement and testing, validity, and other related topics. CourseProfile (ART)