Rackham Graduate School

Master of Science/Master of Science in Engineering

The Master of Science and Master of Science in Engineering degrees represent mastery of a particular discipline in the College of Engineering. They require 30 credits of course work, taken predominantly from the area of study. Some programs involve theses or internships. Others require only coursework.

Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D.

The doctoral degree is conferred in recognition of marked ability and scholarship in a chosen field of knowledge. A part of the work consists of regularly scheduled graduate courses of instruction in the chosen field and in related subject areas outside the department, called cognate subjects. In most areas, a student must pass a comprehensive examination in a major field of specialization and be recommended for candidacy for the doctorate. In addition, the student must pursue independent investigation in a subdivision of the selected field and must present the results of the investigation in the form of a dissertation. A special doctoral committee is appointed for each applicant to supervise the work of the student both as to election of courses and in preparation of the dissertation.

A student can apply directly for admission to the doctoral program after graduating with a B.S. degree from a relevant field.  The student becomes a pre-candidate for the doctorate when admitted to the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies and accepted in the field of specialization. Candidacy is achieved when the student demonstrates competence in his/her broad field of knowledge through completion of a prescribed set of courses and passing a comprehensive exam.

Requirements regarding foreign language and non-technical courses are left to individual departments or programs, and to the Rackham Graduate School. A prospective doctoral student should consult the program advisor for specific details.