Funding and Fellowships

Funding for Master’s Students

Find funding opportunities for master’s students administered by the Rackham Graduate School. Some College of Engineering departments also have fellowships or awards designated for master’s students, as well as Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) or Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) appointments. Please reach out to your Graduate Coordinator for more information. Current master’s students who have an interest in a Ph.D. program may apply by the appropriate application deadline to receive consideration for Ph.D. admission and the full funding it provides.

Bridge to the Doctorate Program

The Bridge to the Doctorate program offers two terms of full funding (tuition, fees, University health insurance, and monthly stipend) for the first academic year, as well as direct guidance and preparation for a subsequent application to the Ph.D. program. For this fellowship, students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are nominated by departments, based on the information in their graduate applications.

Funding for Ph.D. Students

The College of Engineering operates under a fully-funded model for all admitted Ph.D. students. Students admitted from a bachelor’s degree program receive five years of full funding, while students admitted from a master’s degree program receive four years of full funding. This funding commitment is guaranteed, provided the student meets all necessary milestones and fulfills program requirements, as stipulated by their individual faculty advisor and graduate program. A comprehensive funding package includes tuition, fees, University health insurance, and a monthly stipend. More information can be found at Scholarships & Funding – Michigan Engineering.

Graduate Student Emergency Fund 

The College of Engineering recognizes that some Engineering students find themselves facing emergency expenses in order to be able to continue with their studies. For this reason, the College of Engineering has a Graduate Student Emergency Fund intended to help meet the financial needs of any Michigan Engineering graduate student who encounters an emergency situation or one-time, unusual, or unforeseen expenses during their degree program when resources from the student’s home program are unavailable or insufficient. Such situations may include family or medical emergencies, periods of transition between research advisors, and other financial emergencies. More information on this can be found at Doctoral Program Funding and Tuition Support Guidelines.

Further Resources for Funding include: