Michigan Engineers Make a Difference

Michigan Engineers Make a Difference

As part of one of the nation’s leading public research universities, our engineering programs, students, instructors, and collaborations have a world-class reputation. 

Our academic approach combines technical depth with lateral thinking and collaboration across disciplines. We want our graduates to embody equity-centered values – seeking out different perspectives and global worldviews. We are committed to engaging our entire community, learning and growing together.

The online Michigan Engineering Bulletin is an academic resource that reflects the most up-to-date information available and is updated as changes are made to the curriculum.

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About the Bulletin

The Bulletin reflects yearly curricular changes in the various degree programs. A student in a degree program that has degree requirement changes in a Bulletin produced during their academic career may follow a subsequent Bulletin. This determination, however, should be made in conjunction with the program advisor.

To view past versions of the Michigan Engineering Bulletin in Adobe Acrobat format, please visit our archives. Note: archived Bulletins are only applicable to that academic year’s course requirements. Please visit your advisor for more information or if you have any questions.


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