Entrepreneurship Courses

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300 Level Courses

ENTR 390. Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
(1-15 credits)
Courses have included: Entrepreneurial Design, Entrepreneurial E-Commerce, Digital Product Design, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

400 Level Courses

ENTR 407. Entrepreneurship Hour
(1 credit)
This weekly seminar series invites disruptive, influential and respected entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business leaders to speak to students about their personal experiences founding, financing and managing a startup venture. Following the lecture, students will be able to meet the guest speaker and network with members of the entrepreneurial community. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 408. Patent Law
(1 credit)
Inventors and entrepreneurs have four concerns related to patent law: protecting inventions during product development, determining invention patentability, avoiding infringement and leveraging a patent as a business asset. This course addresses these concerns through the application of case law and business cases to an invention of the student’s choice. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 409. Intro to Venture Capital
(1 credit)
Successful entrepreneurship and early stage venture capital appear to require a mixture of four very different traits and abilities:  innovation/vision, evaluation, operation/management, and dedication. This course dives deep into these four pillars of success for the next generation of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 410. Finding Your Venture
(2 credits)
This course provides a framework for identifying clear, impactful opportunities.  Every student will leave with a viable business opportunity to pursue in addition to a set of valuable and repeatable skills that will be an asset in any entrepreneurial setting. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 411. Entrepreneurship Practicum
(3 credits)
The Practicum immerses students in the entrepreneurial process in a supportive classroom environment. Students critically evaluate and then pursue the development of their own ideas for new ventures. Throughout the course, students work closely with entrepreneurship faculty and mentors. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 412. Advanced Entrepreneurship Practicum
Prerequisite: By application and permission of instructor. (3 credits)
The Advanced Entrepreneurship Practicum is the second part of the entrepreneurship practicum experience led by the Center for Entrepreneurship.  In this course, you will experience running, growing, and leading a sustainable venture by applying fundamental and practical skills of entrepreneurship. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 413. Entrepreneurial Marketing
(2 credits)
This course presents a pragmatic approach to marketing for new ventures.  The course examines general marketing terms and principles, including the nature, dynamics, and strategies of marketing decision for new ventures. Students will apply these concepts to situations and problems relating to real ventures. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 417. Entrepreneurship Hour Discussion Session
Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in ENTR 407 Entrepreneurship Hour. (1 credit)
In this faculty led discussion section for the Entrepreneurship Hour seminar series, students learn about, discuss and debate the key characteristics of entrepreneurship. Students also form small, multidisciplinary groups where they reflect on entrepreneurship and how it applies to their life goals. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 490. Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
(1-15 credits)
Special topics of interest selected by entrepreneurial faculty. Courses have included: Urban Entrepreneurship, Organizational Management in Startups, Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Climate Change, and Reimagining Companies through Innovation. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

500 Level Courses

ENTR 500. An Introduction to Innovation: Tools for Career Success
Prerequisite: Senior or Graduate Standing. (3 credits)
Students will learn a wide range of concepts and skills to successfully navigate innovation-focused careers in small, medium, and large businesses and institutions.  Students will study intellectual property, market and industry analysis, product-market fit, equity and stock options, program and project management, communication, securing investment and government funding, and more. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 510. Compensation, Funding, and Ownership
Prerequisite: Senior or Graduate Standing. (3 credits)
Ownership in any size business is a continuum that ranges from 100% investor owned to 100% employee owned.  Students will thoroughly deconstruct this continuum from all perspectives (as employees, founders, and investors) and learn by role playing how the myriad of models affects compensation and a company and society’s culture. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 520. Technology-Inspired Business Models
Prerequisite: Senior or Graduate Standing. (3 credits)
This course provides the framework that helps innovators understand the difference between innovative Value Creation and Innovative Value Capture.  Built around a series of analytical tools, this course uses lectures, guest speakers, classroom discussions, group activities and personal research to explore the applications and interactions of these tools. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 530. Innovation and Intellectual Property Strategy
Prerequisite: Senior or Graduate Standing. (3 credits)
The course examines intellectual property (IP) strategies for new ideas and startups, including barriers to entry for competitors and infringement risk reduction.  Topics include IP procurement, technology transfer, due diligence, and preparing for and avoiding litigation. Students should have their own research to apply what’s learned in the class. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 550. Interpersonal Skills:  Leveling Up to Leadership
Prerequisite: Senior or Graduate Standing. (3 credits)
Do you know how to give your best interview?  Or talk to and lead people?  Learn the Emotional Intelligence framework to better understand and manage yourself and others, and build strong relationships and lead teams.  Develop your own Personal Leadership Plan to help you “level up” as a graduate professional. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 560. Project Management and Consulting
Prerequisite: Senior or Graduate Standing. (3 credits)
In this course you will be introduced to the tasks and challenges fundamental to project management, the vital function of managing complex projects, consulting, and the business of giving expert advice. Successful project managers and consultants possess the skills necessary to manage their teams, clients, activities, schedules, risks, communications, and resources to produce a desired outcome. CourseProfile (ATLAS)

ENTR 599. Special Topics for Entrepreneurship
Prerequisite: Senior or Graduate Standing. (1-4 credits)
Special topics of interest selected by entrepreneurship faculty. CourseProfile (ATLAS)