Special Student Status

Undergraduate Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD)

The NCFD status is for those individuals who are approved to take courses in the College of Engineering in a non-degree capacity. Such students are designated as unclassified. 

NCFD Status for Students from Other Colleges and Universities

A student from another college or university who seeks enrollment as a non-candidate for degree (NCFD) must meet the same academic standards of admission as a degree-seeking application for transfer admissions.

NCFD applicants should contact the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment to request an application. A complete application will include:

  • A completed application form
  • Official transcripts from previous colleges or universities
  • Written permission from instructors of classes in which you intend to enroll (applicant is responsible for obtaining this documentation)    

The instructors are responsible for assessing the academic standard of admission.

Once an applicant has been evaluated and approved for admission, the applicant will be notified of their NCFD admission status.

Registration for courses can only be done on or after the first day of classes for the term of admission. If more than one term is requested, the student cannot register for the subsequent term until their academic record has been reviewed and approved by an admissions counselor and the engineering departmental program advisor.

Note: International students are not eligible for the NCFD process.

NCFD Status for Graduates of the College of Engineering

A graduate with a conferred bachelor’s degree from the College of Engineering who desires to take courses with NCFD status can request processing for enrollment by obtaining written approval from the program advisor for the department in which they intend to take course(s) and submitting an application for readmission to the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment. The instructor(s) of the course(s) in which the student intends to enroll must also grant written permission. Approval to register is granted for one term only. The enrollment status is designated as unclassified. Course registration for individuals with special student status should not be done prior to the first day of classes. The engineering department from which the degree was conferred will also be notified of the NCFD status.

Unclassified Status

When a student is no longer a candidate for a degree from the College of Engineering but is planning to transfer into another field of study, the student will be advised by the Engineering Advising Center to arrange for registration for an additional term in the College of Engineering on an “Unclassified” status.

International Exchange Students from CoE Partner Institutions

Undergraduate students from CoE partner institutions may apply to study at the U-M for one or two terms. The CoE also accepts exchange student applications through the Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3) program. Prospective exchange students must be nominated by their home institutions and all applications are coordinated by the International Programs in Engineering (IPE) office, 245 Chrysler Center, 2121 Bonisteel Boulevard, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2092. Prospective students should inquire with their home institution’s international exchange office.