Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs

In many fields, the master’s degree provides substantial benefits for engineering graduates seeking employment. The College of Engineering therefore offers two different options for those students who wish to obtain a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree. Both of these options are academically demanding and require recommendation from the student’s undergraduate program advisor. The combined programs in the College of Engineering include the Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies Program (SUGS) and the Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program (EGL).

Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS)

*Please note that students earning more than one degree are not eligible for SUGS programs.

The Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS) Program is a uniquely cost-effective and efficient way to earn a master’s degree. Eligible students enter the program in the first term of their senior year to receive their B.S.E. and M.S.E. degrees (or the B.S.E. and M.Eng. degrees) upon completion of a minimum of 149 credit hours (depending on program) by double counting and/or transferring courses.

Students complete both degrees in about 5 years, which is significantly shorter than the average time it takes to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree separately—usually 6-7 years.

Students apply to the SUGS program at the end of their junior year or early in the first semester of their senior year, and must be enrolled in a minimum of two graduate semesters. The baccalaureate may be awarded upon completion of the undergraduate requirements or concurrently with the master’s degree.

Requirements: Consult with the appropriate graduate departmental coordinator for specific deadlines and restrictions. Recommendation from the appropriate undergraduate program advisor is required, and the standard department graduate admission process is used. SUGS admissions requirements will vary and each program will have a minimum GPA for admission; interested students should contact the department in which they would like to pursue graduate study, and can also refer to the Integrative Systems and Design page for MEng programs or the Rackham graduate school page for MSE programs. For a list of SUGS programs by department, please refer to the degree program listings under the B.S.E. home department. Learn more about SUGS and hear from SUGS alumni.

Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program (EGL)

Employers tell us that the inability of many professionals to communicate across cultures and across the engineering and business boundary is one of the greatest barriers to global competitiveness. The EGL Honors Program prepares students to bridge these gaps. The required business coursework offers a focus in operations management, along with the basics of marketing, accounting and finance. Completion of the International Minor for Engineers exposes students to the language, history and customs of another part of the world. The success of EGL graduates confirms that this preparation is in high demand.

The EGL program is a specialization offered through the CoE Honors Program. Students admitted to the CoE Honors Program who choose a global business/operations focus are eligible to apply to EGL.