Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Information

Transfer Credit for Enrolled Students (Transfer Credit Approval Form)

Currently enrolled students can receive transfer credit from classes taken at other institutions by following the instructions on the website for the Transfer Credit Approval Form. An evaluation typically takes two to four weeks and results in the notification of course transferability and the credit hours that will be earned upon completion of the course(s) with a grade of “C” or better. Online courses will be evaluated for transfer credit in the same manner and should also be submitted for approval via the Transfer Credit Approval Form. CoE will evaluate future transfer courses based on content and not format (i.e. stop disqualifying courses simply because they are online). Pre-approved courses that are taught online will be accepted without further evaluation. Transfer evaluations are generally conducted by the Department that owns the equivalent course.

For CoE undergraduate enrolled students, please send your official transcript to:

College of Engineering, Office of Undergraduate Recruitment
153 Chrysler Center
2121 Bonisteel Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2092

Electronic transcripts can be emailed directly to [email protected]. These PDF transcripts must be sent directly from an institution or third-party vendor such as Parchment. Transcripts cannot come from the student directly as they would not be considered official. Electronic transcripts can be emailed directly to [email protected].

Please note that students who are transferring in credit for their final term prior to graduation must be active participants in the transfer credit process by contacting the other institution’s Transfer Credit Office/Registrar’s Office for approximate dates of grade posting and transcript processing. If the dates do not coincide with the College of Engineering’s deadline that all transcripts must be received by the first day of the next term’s classes to be counted toward graduation, the impact could possibly delay the degree conferral. It is the student’s responsibility to stay on top of their transfer credit.

This information along with important rules to keep in mind can be found on the website shown above. Questions can be emailed to Credit Evaluation at [email protected] or answered in person at Chrysler Center 143H.

Transfer Credit for International Programs

Currently enrolled students must consult with the International Programs in Engineering (IPE) office regarding course approvals, transfer credit and registration for all study abroad programs. Any student participating in an international experience must have a record in M-Compass.

Transcripts for IPE-Sponsored Programs should be sent to:

International Programs in Engineering
245 Chrysler Center
2121 Bonisteel Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2092

LSA Policy on Transfer General Credit

This credit type, TRGENCR departmental level does not meet any specific degree requirements but does apply to the overall number of credits required for a degree. 

This type of credit is given to LSA students (and students in some other undergraduate programs) when a course does not directly match a U-M Ann Arbor course or match departmental credit or interdepartmental credit. This credit type does not meet any specific degree requirements but does apply to the overall number of credits required for a degree. More information can be found on the LSA transfer credit website.

CoE is NOT accepting these courses. These courses will be listed as not transferable, effective May 2024, and will affect CoE transfer students as well as CoE cross campus students.

Cross-Campus Transfer Re-Registration Policy

Admitted Cross-Campus transfer students to the CoE are held accountable to the following policy:

  1. Admitted Cross-Campus students must re-register under their Engineering program status. The re-registration of courses must be done no later than 3 weeks after the first day of classes of the admitted term:
    • Students who do not re-register their classes may have their enrollment discontinued from the College of Engineering.
    • Once a student is discontinued, they will then have to reapply to the College of Engineering, which may involve being held accountable to new admissions standards.
    • A student who reapplies after being discontinued and is admitted must be reinstated to the original term of the College of Engineering admission. This will involve having all of the student’s classes re-registered to that original term of admission and the student being billed for the differences in tuition and College of Engineering fees accordingly.
  2. Students who want to be admitted to the College of Engineering who are near graduation and receive approval from an Engineering department are held to the following:
    • The Engineering department will determine under which past term the student should have been admitted. The student’s classes will then be re-registered back to that term for admission and the student will be billed for the differences in tuition and College of Engineering fees accordingly.
    • A department will have the authority to go back as many past terms as they deem appropriate for the student’s admission.