Military Officer Education Programs

The University of Michigan, in cooperation with the armed services of the United States, provides an opportunity for eligible students to earn a commission from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force upon completion of the degree and commissioning requirements. This opportunity is available through enrollment in the Military Officer Education Program (MOEP), which is known nationally as the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC).

All three officer education programs (Army, Navy, and Air Force) offer four and two-year program options, financial benefits and scholarship opportunities. Minor variations, however, do exist among the programs and students should consult the specific information under the applicable program.

Financial Benefits

All students enrolled in advanced (junior and senior year) officer education courses, whether or not on scholarship, receive a monthly stipend for the academic year. Uniforms, required books and equipment are furnished to students. Additionally, pay and travel allowances are provided for attendance at summer field training courses.


In addition to the financial benefits provided for all students contracted in the advanced courses, two-, three- and four-year merit-based scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis by each of the Officer Education Programs. These scholarships provide tuition, laboratory fees, payment for required books and a monthly stipend.

Course Election by Non-Program Students

Officer education courses are also open to University students not enrolled in the program with the permission of the instructor.