Declare/Change Major

Declaring (or Changing) a Major

Students may declare a major as early as their second term in the College, and are urged to declare a specific engineering major by the start of their 3rd term of enrollment. Undeclared students cannot register for a 4th term in the College unless they have met with an advisor and developed a plan to select and declare a major within a reasonable time. This plan can be developed in coordination with the EAC advisors and departmental program advisors.

Students who meet all of the criteria below can declare any undergraduate engineering major, with the exception of Computer Science & Engineering. Please see the below section titled, “Declaring a Computer Science & Engineering Major” for further information. Students not meeting these criteria must meet with a departmental program advisor to establish any specific steps they must take in order to declare that major.

  1. Have completed at least one full term of courses on the U-M Ann Arbor campus.
  2. Have an overall U-M GPA of 2.0 or better in courses taken at the U-M Ann Arbor campus and are in good standing.
  3. Have completed or earned credit by exam or transfer for one or more courses in each of these categories:
    • Calculus (e.g. Math 115, 116, 156)
    • Calculus-based physics lectures (e.g. Physics 140, 160) or chemistry lectures (e.g. Chemistry 130)
    • Required engineering courses (Engr 100, 101, 151)

A student must have a grade of C or better in every math course, science lecture and engineering course taken at U-M Ann Arbor to declare, unless waived by the program advisor, including 1-3 above. For repeated courses the most recent grade counts.

Declaring a Computer Science & Engineering Major

In addition to the criteria for major declaration mentioned in the above section, due to capacity constraints, students who are admitted to the University of Michigan for Fall 2023 or later must also be selected for the Computer Science major before they can declare that major. Students admitted to enroll prior to Fall of 2023 will be able to declare a major in Computer Science without the need for the additional selection process.

Please review the CS Majors Selection Process FAQs for further information. You may also contact [email protected].