Army Officer Education Program

Graduates may request active duty in the Army as commissioned officers or choose reserve duty service in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve in order to pursue a civilian career or graduate schooling.

Active duty officers are available for worldwide assignment. Service in the Army’s 18 branches and the possibility for educational delay provides an opportunity to gain extensive leadership experience.

Four-Year, Three-Year, and Two-Year Programs

Students may choose one of three program options as described in the general introduction to the Military Officer Education Programs. All programs include a four-week advanced summer camp at an Army post, which is taken as part of the advanced course sequence normally between the junior and senior years. The first two years of the four-year program can be taken without an obligation to the Army.

Students who intend to enroll in the two-year program should contact the recruiting officer by February of their sophomore year to apply for attendance at a four-week summer leadership development camp before enrollment in the program the following fall term. Two-year candidates must have a total of two years of school remaining at the undergraduate and/or graduate level. Students with prior military service (or prior ROTC training) may enroll in the program with advanced standing.

Financial Benefits and Scholarships

Army ROTC scholarships are merit-based and provide full tuition plus books and fees. The option of room and board may be elected in place of tuition, if you should qualify. All students receive a monthly stipend to help cover additional expenses. The stipend is $420/month for all contracted Cadets for ten (10) months of each school year. This allowance is also available to all non-scholarship contracted cadets enrolled in Army ROTC (2nd, 3rd, & 4th years). Engineering students may request an additional year of scholarship benefits if they are enrolled in a five-year program. Two-, three- and four-year scholarships are available based on time remaining to complete your degree.

Simultaneous Membership Program

Non-scholarship students can choose to join a Reserve or National Guard unit of their choice while enrolled at the University. The student trains as an officer trainee, gaining valuable leadership training as a member of the Reserve Forces and can collect over $1,000 a month.

Branch Assignments

In their last year, cadets are classified for branch assignments to one of the following 18 branches of the Army in accordance with their personal preference, aptitude, academic background, and the needs of the Army: Corps of Engineers, Signal Corps, Aviation, Armor, Field Artillery, Air Defense Artillery, Adjutant General’s Corps, Military Intelligence, Finance Corps, Infantry, Medical Service Corps, Military Police Corps, Ordnance Corps, Quartermaster Corps, Transportation Corps, Chemical Corps, and Cyber branch.

Course of Study

Students enroll in one course in Military Science (MS) during each term of participation in the program for a total of 12 credit hours distributed as follows:

  • Basic Course sequence (first and second years): Military Science 101, 102, 201, 202
    (6 hours total).
  • Advanced Course sequence (third and fourth years): Military Science 301, 302, 401, 402
    (8 hours total).

The complete course of instruction includes professional ethics, professional writing and briefing, principles of military leadership, staff management principles, military justice, and tactics. In addition to the classroom courses, students participate in Leadership Laboratories (one 90 minute period per week). Training includes orienteering, rappelling, marksmanship, land navigation and physical training. In addition, courses in effective writing and military history are required for completion of the program.

Military Obligation

Students may request active duty or non-active duty assignments in the Army Reserve or National Guard. All Advanced Course students are obligated to four years of service which may be served in an active or reserve status depending on individual preference and Army needs and an additional four years of IRR (on call) status. No obligation is incurred during the freshman and sophomore years, unless the student is on scholarship.

Note: A Leadership Laboratory (0 credit), meeting for one and one-half hours each week, accompanies each of the above listed MS courses.

Army Officer Education Course Listings

(Subject = MILSCI)

Course descriptions are found on the College of Engineering website and at the LSA Course Guide.

Military Obligation

Newly commissioned Cadets into Active Duty incur a minimum of four years of active duty service obligation. Cadets commissioned into USAR or NG incur a eight year service obligation.

Chair: Lieutenant Colonel Thomas R Church

Program Office
930 N. University Ave, Room 1090
Phones: (734) 764-2400
Scholarships: (734) 936-2839