Undergraduate Transfer

Transfer Credit

An evaluation of the previous record from the transfer institution will be made at the time of application review to provide a preliminary assessment of the credit that will be transferred toward a bachelor’s degree in the program specified by the applicant. This appraisal is subject to review by representatives of the departments involved and by the student’s intended program advisor. The transfer credit may be revised if the academic progress of the student indicates that the student is unable to continue successfully because of inadequate preparation.

Credits are granted only for transferable courses in which a grade of “C” or better is earned. Any courses noted on a transcript that are pass/fail or credit/no credit classes, will not be eligible for transfer credit. A “C-” will be accepted only if earned on the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus for courses other than math, science, engineering or other prerequisites for admission. Courses cannot be taken Pass/Fail and must be taken for a letter grade. Classification level is determined by the number of hours transferred. Most transfer students enroll with approximately 60-65 credit hours.

Students can request that credits be transferred from their previous institution to the U-M transcript at any time, but credits will be posted on the U-M transcript under the term admitted to the College of Engineering. This can have a retroactive tuition impact. Transferred credit will not be removed from the transcript for the purpose of lowering tuition. New students are responsible for reviewing their transcript when credits are posted and asking for removal of any transferred credits within their first term at the CoE University of Michigan.

The U-M transcript of transfer students will not reflect grades earned while enrolled in an external institution. The transfer student’s GPA is determined solely by the grades earned while enrolled in the College of Engineering. This does not apply to students transferring from other academic units located on the Ann Arbor campus of the University. If, at any time, a transfer student has questions regarding the transfer of credit, the Transfer Credit Evaluation Office should be consulted at [email protected].

If a student is interested in taking coursework outside of the University of Michigan to complete their degree requirements, this may push back the term in which the student may confer their degree if the student has not made a reasonable effort to transfer the credit in a timely manner. Often other institutions do not share the same academic calendar as U-M and we are left waiting for the course to transfer to U-M. Please note that the work must be completed in the term in which the student has applied to graduate. For example, if the student completes a course on June 15, which is the end of the winter term at another institution, but well into the spring term at U-M, this student would not have completed the work in the winter term and would need to apply for a summer degree conferral.

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