Graduate Certificate

The Rackham Certificate in Engineering Education Research provides a way for engineering doctoral students to learn and practice the skills needed to be proficient in the field of EER. It requires 9 credit hours of coursework (with a B average) and a related engineering education research project. Engineering graduate students who have completed at least one term in a Rackham program and are in good academic standing are invited to apply at any time. Students should apply prior to completing the requirements to ensure the plan of study is approved.

The requirements are as listed here:

  • EER 601: Foundations of EER (3 credits)
  • EER 602: Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks in EER (3 credits)
  • Either a course on quantitative methods for educational research (EDUC 793, EDUC 795, or approved equivalent) or a course on qualitative methods for educational research (EDUC 792 or approved equivalent) (3-5 credits)
  • Completion of an approved engineering education research project (Approx. 3 credits)
    • Students pursuing the certificate are encouraged to consult relevant resources about EER and to meet with EER faculty as they plan and conduct their research.

Applications to the program can be submitted at the Rackham Certificate page.

Application materials and questions about the certificate should be emailed to the EER Graduate Program Coordinator at: [email protected].