Graduate Certificate

The Rackham Certificate in Engineering Education Research provides a way for engineering doctoral students with a formal program to learn and practice the skills needed to be proficient in the field. It requires 9 credit hours of coursework (with a B average) and a related engineering education research project. Effective Fall 2019, the requirements are as listed here:

  • EER 601 Foundations of EER (3 credits)
  • EER 602 Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks in EER (3 credits)
  • Either a course on quantitative methods for educational research (EDUC 795EDUC 793, or approved equivalent) or
  • a course on qualitative methods for educational research (EDUC 792 or approved equivalent);
  • (3-4 credits)
  • Completion of an approved engineering education research project

Applications to the program can be submitted at this site and they should include four items:

  • a letter of application,
  • a proposed plan of study,
  • a current transcript, and
  • a letter of advisor’s support.

Application materials and questions about certificate should be emailed to Dr. Cynthia Finelli.