The Center for Entrepreneurship’s academic and co-curricular programs support students’ growth as entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers by offering exciting opportunities to create value, challenge the status quo, and develop new career possibilities. Students from across the University and the College of Engineering engage in our immersive curricular community and collaborate to turn their ideas into tangible projects.

The CFE’s classes demand active participation in learning multiple skill sets and perspectives. We teach students how to identify challenges and facilitate hands-on practice in developing solutions that are scalable and impactful.

ENTR courses at the CFE cover a wide range of topics, all taught by real entrepreneurs who teach from experience.

Undergraduate Programs

CFE courses are open to all students from every school and college across the University.

For College of Engineering students, ENTR courses can satisfy up to 4 Professional or Creative Development (PCDC) credits towards the College’s Intellectual Breadth requirement.

ENTR courses also count toward the University’s 15-credit Minor in Entrepreneurship: http://innovateblue.umich.edu/academics/minor-in-entrepreneurship/

Graduate Programs

Graduate students from all schools and colleges are able to enroll in ENTR courses.

Degree-seeking master’s, Ph.D., and professional students can also apply for the 12-credit Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Learn more here: https://cfe.umich.edu/certificate/

Co-Curricular Programs

The CFE offers a variety of opportunities for students to build entrepreneurial skills and experience both inside and outside the classroom. From startup treks to startup competitions, advising, study abroad, mentoring, and more, there is something for everyone. Interested in learning more? Visit us at https://cfe.umich.edu/ or email entrepreneurship@umich.edu.