Civil and environmental engineers design, plan and construct infrastructure systems including buildings, bridges, highways, airports, tunnels, pipelines, channels, waste-water systems, waste site, remediation systems, power generating plants, manufacturing facilities, dams and harbors. These infrastructure systems are key to sustaining human development and activities, and civil and environmental engineers must consider technical as well as economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects.

To recognize the distinct qualifications of engineers entering the fields of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Department offers undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Environmental Engineering. The Civil Engineering major offers several focus areas of specialization including: Construction Engineering & Management, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulic and Hydrological Engineering, Civil Engineering Materials, Structural Engineering, and Transportation Systems Engineering. The Environmental Engineering major allows curricular focus in the areas of Water Quality and Health, Earth Systems, Environmental Fluid Dynamics and Environmental Policy and Sustainable Infrastructure. For more information on these fields and majors, please visit: http://cee.umich.edu/research.

A minor in Environmental Engineering is also offered through the Department. Eligibility information and requirements of the minor are described at https://cee.engin.umich.edu/academics/undergraduate/environmental-engineering-minor/.

Students who do well in their undergraduate program are encouraged to consider graduate work and may take some of their electives in preparation for graduate study. The Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies program available in this department is described https://cee.engin.umich.edu/academics/graduate/admissions/sugs/

Information and assistance regarding fellowships and assistantships for graduate studies may be obtained in the Graduate Student Services of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Department Administration

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Professor Jerome P. Lynch, Donald Malloure Department Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering

2120 G G Brown Laboratory

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