The quickening pace of development at the frontier between physics and engineering creates a need for interdisciplinary training and research which is not readily accommodated by traditional single-focus graduate programs. The University of Michigan Applied Physics Program is designed to fill this gap, providing students with the opportunity to gain a solid base in the fundamentals of modern physics while exploring applications in the context of various branches of engineering.

The program, which spans the Physical Science Division of the College of Literature, Science and the Arts and the College of Engineering, offers graduate studies leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Applied Physics. Coursework and research are structured to meet individual goals so that the program is appropriate for students intending to pursue careers in industry, academia or government service.

From nonlinear optics to the latest developments in ultramicroscopy, Michigan has a distinguished record of innovation in applied physics. With a broad range of multidisciplinary research and access to the most advanced facilities, the program offers a dynamic environment for graduate training. The opportunities and challenges for bridging science and technology have never been more exciting, nor the potential impact on our society’s needs greater. The University of Michigan Applied Physics Program is committed to a leading role in this endeavor.

Enrollment and Graduation Data

The University Registrar publishes the number of student enrolled annually in this program, and the number of degrees granted each term by this program.