Cross-Campus Transfer

Cross-Campus Transfer to the College of Engineering

A Cross-Campus transfer student is a student who was admitted as a first year student into another academic unit on the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus and wishes to pursue studies in the College of Engineering.

To be Considered for Admission

Cross-Campus applicants are required to complete the following courses with a C or better: Math 115, Math 116, Math 215 (if AP credit is given for Math 115 and/or Math 116), Physics 140/141L, Chemistry 130/125L/126L or Chemistry 210/211L, Engineering 101 or EECS 183, and a course that is approved to fulfill the First Year Writing Requirement (FYWR).

Cross-Campus applicants must also maintain a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA and have completed fewer than 55 credits towards their degree (excluding AP/IB credit and prerequisite courses) to be considered. An Engineering GPA, calculated exclusively from the prerequisite courses, must also be above a 2.5 to be considered for admission. Students cannot be admitted or considered for admission if they are on Academic Probation of any kind. Students that receive an incomplete grade and must go before the Scholastic Standing Committee cannot be admitted until the Scholastic Standing Committee makes a decision regarding the case and a grade is entered onto the transcript. This requirement is effective as of Fall 2019.

Note: A Cross-Campus applicant that completes the required courses and is above a 2.5 is not guaranteed admission into the College of Engineering.

Students above 55 credits, excluding AP/IB credit and the prerequisite courses must go through the Scholastic Standing Committee and petition for an exception to the College Rules: