Degree Program

The undergraduate degree program is arranged to give the student a broad engineering mechanics education by requiring basic courses in the areas of structural mechanics, hydrodynamics, marine power systems and marine dynamics. These courses cover engineering fundamentals and their application to the design and construction of marine vehicles and systems.

  • Courses in marine structures deal with the design and analysis of marine vehicles and platforms including static strength, fatigue, dynamic response, safety and production.
  • Resistance, maneuvering and seakeeping characteristics of bodies in the marine environment are the subject matter for courses in marine hydrodynamics.
  • Marine power systems involve all the mechanical systems on a marine vehicle with particular emphasis on the selection and arrangement of the main propulsion system.
  • In marine dynamics, the student studies the vibrations of marine structures and engines and the rigid body responses of the vessel to the wind and waves.

Sample Schedule

Please visit the NAME website to view the most current information on the major in NAME. B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

The naval architecture and marine engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. Please see the PDF version of the sample schedule.

Focus of Study

In the fourth year, students are required to select two technical electives from an approved list. These electives allow students to focus their education in specific areas. Example focus areas and possible courses are as follows:

  • Marine Structures: NA 410 and NA 440
  • High Speed Craft Design: NA 401 and NA 431 or NA 440
  • Marine Power Systems: NA 431 and NA 401 or NA 410
  • Marine Manufacturing: NA 410 and NA 562
  • Sailing Yachts: NA 403 and NA 410, NA 431, or NA 440

These and other combinations of free and technical electives should be selected in consultation with the undergraduate program advisor.

Students are strongly encouraged to review the possible options prior to their senior year.