Undergraduate Degree Program

Sample Schedule

B.S.E. in Materials Science and Engineering

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission(s) of ABET, https://www.abet.org, under the General Criteria and the Materials Engineering Program Criteria.  Please see the PDF version of the sample schedule. Additional information can be found on the Materials Science and Engineering Department Advising website.

Minor in Materials Science and Engineering

The understanding and selection of materials is a common requirement in many science and engineering disciplines. To help serve this need, the Department of Materials Science & Engineering is offering science and engineering undergraduate students whose major is outside of Materials Science & Engineering a Minor in Materials Science and Engineering.

To complete the minor, the student is required to take a minimum of five courses, entailing a minimum of 17 credits. The five courses required should be distributed as follows:

  • MATSCIE 220 “Introduction to Materials and Manufacturing” or MATSCIE 250 “Principles of Engineering Materials” (4 credits)  
  • MATSCIE 350 “Structures of Materials” (4 credits)  (F)
  • Two MSE courses from the following “Selectives” list (3 credits each, and the prerequisites for each include MATSCIE 220/250 and in many cases, MATSCIE 350):
    • MATSCIE 400 “Electronic, Magnetic and Optical Materials for Modern Device Technology” (Prerequisite: MATSCIE 242)  (F)
    • MATSCIE 410 “Design and Applications of Biomaterials”  (F)  
    • MATSCIE 412 “Polymeric Materials” (Prerequisite: CHEM 210)  (F)  
    • MATSCIE 440 “Ceramic Materials” (W)  
    • MATSCIE 454 “Computational Approaches in MSE” (Prerequisite: MATSCIE 330, 335, and 365) (F) 
    • MATSCIE 465 “Structural and Chemical Characterization of Materials” (Prerequisites: MATSCIE 242 and MATSCIE 360) (W)  
    • MATSCIE 470 “Physical Metallurgy” (F)  
    • MATSCIE 514 “Composite Materials” (W)  
  • One more MATSCIE course, other than lab, research or special studies (3 or 4 credits)

F – Course offered Fall Term
W – Course offered Winter Term