Graduate Degrees

  • Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) in Mechanical Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Engineering

M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering

The M.S.E. program is designed for students looking to develop a personalized academic program to strengthen their knowledge of mechanical engineering fundamentals in a specific area. Research areas include automotive, biomechanics and biosystems, controls, design, dynamics and vibrations, energy, fluids, manufacturing, mechanics and materials, mechatronics, robotics, micro/nano engineering, multi-scale computation and combustion mechanics, and thermal sciences.

There are three separate M.S.E. degree program options in ME: (1) coursework only, (2) coursework with an individual research project, and (3) coursework with an M.S.E. thesis. All program options require 30 credit hours for completion, including ME, cognate, and advanced math coursework.

Details of degree requirements may be found on the Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree and SUGS website.

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

The doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is the highest degree awarded by the Mechanical Engineering Department and is recommended for students who are interested in leadership careers in academia (e.g. as a faculty member of a university), industry, or government. The major ME program milestones all Ph.D students complete are:

  1. Research and coursework
  2. Qualifying examination (RCC & RFE)
  3. Advancement to candidacy
  4. Dissertation proposal examination
  5. Thesis dissertation (written) and defense (oral)

A research advisor and doctoral committee is formed by each student to supervise investigative work and election of graduate courses. Candidacy is achieved when the student demonstrates competence in their field of knowledge through completion of courses and passing the qualifying examination (RCC & RFE).

The doctoral degree is conferred after the student presents the result of their investigation in the form of a dissertation, demonstrating marked ability and scholarship in a field of knowledge. Details of degree requirements may be found on the Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Degree website.