Systems Engineering + Design

Degree Programs

  • Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering + Design
  • Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS)
    • B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering
    • M. Eng. in Systems Engineering + Design

Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering + Design

Complex systems require specialized knowledge and training on how to design and deploy engineered systems. The Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering + Design degree (SE+D) closes the gap between design and systems engineering in complex product development. The program couples creative synthesis (design domain) and systems analysis (systems engineering domain) in a multidisciplinary approach that prepares students to lead and discover innovative solutions in complex engineered systems. It blends design and engineering with human factors, organizational strategy, and social science thinking. All students in the SE+D program conduct a substantive, interdisciplinary, and applied internship at a company location during their final semester. These internships, also called practicums, provide students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the analysis, design, and operation of complex engineering systems and develop solutions for the integration issues involving cross-functional areas and multiple disciplines. Students will work on projects that are aligned with the company’s business-critical needs and specifications involving areas such as products and processes.

University of Michigan faculty advisors guide and oversee the student’s practicum and engage with the company project team before and during the internship. Usually, students work on an interdisciplinary project team directly under the supervision of the company sponsor. Taking on a pivotal role as the integrator and magnet for multidisciplinary resources, the student develops practical experience in teamwork, along with a greater understanding of how to deploy discipline-related knowledge in complex systems. The scope and duration of the practicum depends on the company’s expectations for deliverables. The internship can range from three to nine months and six to nine semester credit hours and can be paid or unpaid. SE+D students typically do their practicum from May to December at the conclusion of their degree program.

Graduates of the SE+D program leverage and augment their core engineering discipline expertise, possess a broad systems engineering perspective, have knowledge and capabilities in the analysis, design and operation of complex engineered systems, and are able to answer complex questions, deal with uncertainty, and integrate the social and human aspects in modern engineered systems.

For more information, please visit the ISD SE+D website at:

Sequential Undergraduate / Graduate Study

  • B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering
  • M. Eng. in Systems Engineering + Design

This Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS) program leads to a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering + Design. University of Michigan students who are pursuing a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering and who meet all the SUGS requirements may apply to the Systems Engineering + Design program to pursue the SUGS program, which allows them to complete their B.S.E. and M. Eng. in five years total.

For more detailed information about the program, please visit the ISD SUGS webpage.

Online Learning

The Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering + Design program can be earned entirely online by qualified students from around the world. ISD has been offering courses to off-campus students through a variety of methods over several decades. Currently, courses in ISD programs are hybrid, combining on-campus and online students in the same course, with the same instructors and syllabi.

The online degree is a great option for engineers who are currently working full-time. It is just as rigorous and current as the on-campus degree. The degree is identical in that the diploma is the same whether a student earned the degree online or on-campus.

To learn more about online learning with ISD, please visit ISD’s Online Graduate Programs page.