Data Science has emerged as a major field of study that is at the intersection of Computer Science and Statistics. The collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of such data, with complex structures in the form of text, video, streaming data, are leading to exciting new research opportunities.

Huge amounts of data are being collected in all areas, made possible by rapid technological advances over the last few decades. This is further enabling the use of data-driven approaches to fundamentally transform the way corporations do business and is also leading to new discoveries in science and engineering.  Data Science affects research and applications in many domains, including education, biological sciences, medical informatics, engineering, healthcare, social sciences, and the humanities.

The Data Science (DS) program at the University of Michigan draws on our expertise in Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics, complementing them with exposure to application domains to provide a multidisciplinary degree that develops future generations of data scientists.

The Data Science program for the College of Engineering is administered by the Computer Science Program in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.