Engineering Sustainable Systems

Dual Degree: Master of Science in Natural Resources and the Environment and Master of Science in Engineering

This dual-degree program between the College of Engineering and the School of Natural Resources and the Environment is a 54-credit program that provides graduate engineers with a comprehensive understanding of major sustainability challenges facing society in the 21st century including global climate changes, energy scarcity, ecological degradation, environmental threats to human health and resource scarcity. Students will achieve scientific literacy related to air, water and land pollution as well as ecological systems, energy systems and important regional/global cycles (e.g., material, nutrient, carbon, hydrologic). The program educates students in engineering design approaches for products, processes and services that facilitate the sustainable application of technology, and also provides students with the scientific knowledge and methods required to evaluate the sustainability of engineered systems.  Currently three tracks exist in the fields of sustainable energy systems (M.E. and Ch.E.), sustainable design and manufacturing (M.E.) and sustainable water resources (C.E.E.).

Administration Contact

Please go directly to the dual-degree website at S.N.R.E. to find out more about the program: