Academic Calendar 2016-2017


University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Campus Registrar’s Office: (734) 764-6280

Fall 2016

Registration (for students not pre-registered) Aug 26, Sunday
Paryushan Aug 28, Sunday
Labor Day (holiday) Sept 5, Monday
Classes Begin Sept 6, Tuesday
Id al-Adha Sept 11, Sunday
Rosh Hashanah Oct 2-4, Sunday-Tuesday
Yom Kippur Oct 11-12, Tuesday-Wednesday
Sukkot Oct 16-18, Sunday-Tuesday
Fall Break Oct 17-18, Monday-Tuesday
Birthday of the Bab Oct 20, Thursday
Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah Oct 23-25, Sunday-Tuesday
Diwali Oct 30-Nov 3, Sunday-Thursday
Birthday of Bahá′u′lláh Nov 12, Saturday
Thanksgiving Recess 5:00pm Nov 23, Wednesday
Classes resume 8:00am Nov 28, Monday
Classes end Dec 13, Tuesday
Study Days Dec 14, Wednesday & Dec 17-18, Saturday-Sunday
Examinations Dec 15-16, Thursday-Friday & Dec 19-22, Monday-Thursday
Commencement Dec 18, Sunday
Christmas Dec 25, Sunday

Winter 2017

Registration (for students not pre-registered) Jan 3, Tuesday
Classes Begin Jan 4, Wednesday
Feast of the Epiphany Jan 6, Friday
Eastern Orthodox Christmas (Julian Calendar) Jan 7, Saturday
Sankranit Jan 14, Saturday
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day University Symposia. No regular classes Jan 16, Monday
Chinese New Year & Tet Jan 28, Saturday
Vacation begins at 12:00 noon Feb 25, Saturday
Eastern Orthodox Beginning of Lent Feb 27, Monday
Ash Wednesday Mar 1, Wednesday
Classes resume 8:00am Mar 6, Monday
University Honors Convocation Mar 19, Sunday
Nowruz Mar 21, Tuesday
Passover (Pesach) Apr 10-18, Monday-Tuesday
Baisakhi Apr 14, Friday
Good Friday Apr 14, Friday
Eastern Orthodox Good Friday Apr 14, Friday
Easter Apr 16, Sunday
Eastern Orthodox Easter Apr 16, Sunday
Classes end Apr 18, Tuesday
Study Days Apr 19, Wednesday & Apr 22-23, Saturday-Sunday
Examinations Apr 20-21, Thursday-Friday & Apr 24-27, Monday-Thursday
Ridvan Apr 21, Friday
Commencement Activities Apr 27-30, Thursday-Sunday
9th Day of Ridvan Apr 29, Saturday

Spring/Summer 2017

Registration (for students not pre-registered) May 1, Monday
Classes begin May 2, Tuesday
12th Day of Ridvan May 2 Tuesday
Declaration of the Bab May 23, Tuesday
Ascension Day May 25, Thursday
Eastern Orthodox Ascension Day May 25, Thursday
Ramadan May 27-July 25, Saturday-Sunday
Memorial Day (holiday) May 29, Monday
Ascension of Bahá′u′lláh May 29, Monday
Shavuot May 30-June 1, Tuesday-Thursday
Classes end (Spring Half Term) June 19, Monday
Study Days June 20-21, Tuesday-Wednesday
Examinations June 22-23, Thursday-Friday
Spring Half Term ends June 23, Friday
Id al-Fitr June 25, Sunday
Registration (Summer Half Term) June 27, Tuesday
Classes begin (Summer Half Term) June 28, Wednesday
Independence Day (holiday observed) July 4, Tuesday
Martyrdom of the Bab July 9, Sunday
Classes end 5:00pm Aug 15, Tuesday
Study Day Aug 16, Wednesday
Examinations Aug 17-18, Thursday-Friday
Full & Summer Half Terms end Aug 18, Friday

Students enrolling in Business Administration, Dentistry, Law and Medicine should check with their respective schools for academic calendar information, including registration. This calendar is subject to change.