Cross-Campus Transfer Re-Registration Policy

Admitted Cross-Campus transfer students to the College of Engineering are held accountable to the following policy:

  1. Admitted Cross-Campus students must re-register under their Engineering program status. To do so, please refer to your letter of admission and follow the directions provided or reach out to your representative from the school/college you are leaving to request a re-registration of your courses into Engineering. The re-registration of courses must be done no later than 3 weeks after the first day of classes of the admitted term:
    1. Students who do not re-register their classes may have their enrollment discontinued from the College of Engineering.
    2. Once a student is discontinued, they will then have to reapply to the College of Engineering, which may involve being held accountable to new admissions standards.
    3. A student who reapplies after being discontinued and is admitted must be reinstated to the original term of the College of Engineering admission. This will involve having all of the student’s classes re-registered to that original term of admission and the student being billed for the differences in tuition and College of Engineering fees accordingly.
  1. Students who want to be admitted to the College of Engineering who are near graduation and receive approval from an Engineering department are held to the following:
    1. The Engineering department will determine under which past term the student should have been admitted. The student’s classes will then be re-registered back to that term for admission and the student will be billed for the differences in tuition and College of Engineering fees accordingly.
    2. A department will have the authority to go back as many past terms as they deem appropriate for the student’s admission.