Bachelor’s Degree Holders Seeking a Second Bachelor’s Degree

The College of Engineering welcomes students already in possession of a bachelor’s degree, who are seeking a second bachelor’s degree in engineering. Students who already possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering or closely aligned field such as physics should consider a master’s degree in an engineering discipline.

For students who have previously earned a bachelor’s degree and elect to pursue admission for an additional bachelor’s degree, the following rules and policies apply:

Students may not be admitted to pursue a CoE bachelor’s degree that is substantially similar to a degree of the same or lower level (bachelor’s or master’s) as they already hold, or declare into such a similar degree program after admission. The Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education will have ultimate authority to decide if a candidate’s prior degrees are too similar to a proposed degree to allow admission or declaration.

In order to be qualified for a second bachelor’s degree, candidates should have taken Calculus 1 and 2, Physics 1, Chemistry, English Composition and Computer Programming, C++,  at an institution of higher education and have an academic record that suggests high levels of accomplishment. These courses can have been completed as part of their original degree, but could also have been taken for other reasons. They should have been completed no more than ten (10) years before admission, and ideally less than seven (7) years prior to admission.

Coursework from the student’s previous academic record, including credits used to satisfy requirements for a previous degree, will be eligible for entry on the UM academic record. Credits will not be transferred if they were used to satisfy more than one prior degree (no counting of credits between three (3) or more degrees).

To graduate, students must successfully complete all of the degree requirements in place at their term of admission, using the appropriate combination of transfer and UM credit. Program advisors can allow substantially equivalent substitutions from transferred courses. Students with a previous engineering degree must complete an additional fourteen (14) credits hours in pertinent technical subjects in addition to meeting all degree requirements.

A bachelor’s degree holder admitted into the College of Engineering seeking a second bachelor’s degree will be a senior when there are thirty-five (35) hours or fewer to complete.